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A new blog

This is my first blogpost using Octopress and GitHub.

Previously, I had my blogs hosted on Blogger. Though Blogger engine is good, I could never spend time to create a template on my own to make my blogpage look good and on top of that the default templates and layouting always made go crazy since its too tedious to spend time on fine-tuning and make the page look zazzy. Being a minimalist, I would like to go with minimum cruft and more emphasis on the code and content rather than the styling of the blogpage with an attractive UI.

So here I am, trying to use Octopress and trying to generate static pages using GitHub. I went with default Octopress template. Setting it up on Windows with Ruby was a bit painful initially and I went helter-skelter looking for help mostly with Google and SO. But after 2 trials, I was able to get my default website up and running. I hope this will be a nice experience with just markdown and code-highlighting to the rescue.

Over a period of time or whenever I get time, I will be exporting all my posts from Blogger to GitHub hosted static pages. Though its a considerable effort, I would like to give it a shot and move away from Blogger and maintain this as my primary blogpage.

For now, just “Hello World”. :-)